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Hi, I'm Udit!

A design leader with expertise in healthcare, e-commerce & enterprise software gained over past 17 years.

From shaping cloud-based services and mobile tools at athenahealth to defining the shopping experience for Zivame, I've had the opportunity to work on diverse projects that have sharpened my skills in product strategy, interaction design, visual design, animation, and development. Let's connect, grab a cup of coffee, and chat about all things brain, heart, and design.

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How do I lead?

illustration of a leader pulling follower uphill

I nurture. I like to achieve results by focusing on the growth of my team members. I instill trust by projecting my genuine desire to see them succeed. My vested interest in their growth keeps them motivated and boosts performance.

Ask me about my team promotions, 360 feedback & career development tool.


Thanks a lot of setting these goals for me Udit, I am learning new things and challenging myself constantly :-)

Vignesh, Principal Designer, athenahealth

How do I operate?

I connect. If I were a symbol, I would be a bridge, effortlessly linking engineering and design. With my unique blend of skills from being a developer-turned-designer, I help product and technical people work together smoothly.

Ask me about my developer integrations, coded prototypes & JIRA stories. 

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Udit is not just excellent at design but also understands the nuances of reqts. from the viewpoint of product manager.

Guruprasad, Director Engineering, Zivame

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How do I deliver?

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I hone. I tend to trade-off everything else for quality, within given constrains. With my ability to identify, develop and replicate processes that smoothen the rough edges, I help my team deliver world class products consistently. 

Ask me about my quality dashboard, frameworks & cross-functional collab initiative. 

christie flanagan - kaseya_edited_edited

"Very happy with his creative work. He manages the process as well which makes things very easy for me."

Christie, VP Corp Mktg, Kaseya

Insights and Ideas

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Udit Khandelwal, UX Design Leader | Healthcare, Enterprise, eCommerce | Boston, MA, USA

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