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UX Design & Strategy


UX Manager

The redesign of this website aimed at portraying the brand as per new guidelines and at improving lead collection by providing a personalized experience to prospects from Medical Groups and Hospitals.


Duration: 1 yea
Team size: 10-12
Functions: Product, Engineering, UX, Brand, Marketing, Analytics, Content Strategy

I got on-boarded to this project after 2 years worth of redesign effort was wasted as nothing was moving forward and strategy was changing pretty dynamically. Over a period of 1 year, I collaborated with multiple cross-functional cross-geographical teams to deliver heavily researched and tested design, that evolved after umpteen number of iterations and concepts.

Here is a quick snapshot of the design timeline

  • 2015 - Sep 2017: No Progress. Too many strategies, too many changes, No forward movement.

  • Sep 2017: Desk Research. Best practices, competitive analysis, industry stats, web analytics and previous research.

  • Oct 2017: Strategy Change. Goals of different parts of the website, and of the entire website itself kept shifting.

  • Nov 2017: Rejected Concepts. Multiple approaches for product page, segment page and homepage.

  • Dec 2017: Cross-Functional Workshop. Product Management, Marketing, Content, Creative Services and UX under one roof for 15 days.

  • Dec 2017: Two Final Concepts. We called then Bryan and Jane. Bryan was all flashy with animation, Jane was plain and simple.


One of the first big projects delivered from athenahealth India
Provided a solid foundation for the brand

My Contribution

  • Product Strategy

  • Information Architecture

  • Interaction Design

Notable Team Members

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