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Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar

UX Design

I met Satish through our time together at:

Cisco, Bengaluru
Kaseya, Bengaluru

Udit is a key player in the team. His work is on the forefront of all our Team’s showcases.

Satish has collaborated with me on the following projects:


Evo 12 for Television

End-to-end solution for high quality set-top boxes


Video On Demand Catalog

Video library for set top boxes, featuring thousands of movies and assets


Free Hand Animation Tool

A tool for set-top box designers, enabling them to create and implement high-quality animations seamlessly


Evo Lite for Television

An EPG (Electronic Program Guide) software specifically designed for low-end set-top boxes.


Express Branding Tool

UI solution designed specifically for low-end set-top boxes


Evo 3D for Television

Evo 3D was an experimental UI for Set-top Boxes. The prototype was developed by me to showcase the 3D animation effects on TV.

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