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Amanda Mander

Amanda Mander

Leader, UX Design

I met Amanda through our time together at:

athenahealth, Boston

Amanda has been my manager at athena for about 4 years. I am very fond of her and share a special bond with her. I admire her leadership skills and have learnt a lot from her, and have grown under her (Senior Manager to Director).

Amanda, my manager, really gets what motivates her team. I went through a period where I just wasn't feeling as driven. Instead of overlooking it, Amanda realized I needed a bigger challenge. Knowing how I thrive, she gave me a meaningful task: creating a vision story for our whole subdivision, the Platform. At first, I was a bit unsure, but this project got me back on track. I'm grateful for Amanda's understanding and her ongoing support in my growth.

Amanda has collaborated with me on the following projects:


Vision : Platform and Data Services

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