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Rajeev Soin

Rajeev Soin

Leader, UX Design

Cisco, Bengaluru
athenahealth, Boston

Rajeev has collaborated with me on the following projects:

Evo 12 for Television

End-to-end solution for high quality set-top boxes

Free Hand Animation Tool

A tool for set-top box designers, enabling them to create and implement high-quality animations seamlessly

Express Branding Tool

UI solution designed specifically for low-end set-top boxes

Video On Demand Catalog

Video library for set top boxes, featuring thousands of movies and assets

Evo Lite for Television

An EPG (Electronic Program Guide) software specifically designed for low-end set-top boxes.

Evo 3D for Television

Evo 3D was an experimental UI for Set-top Boxes. The prototype was developed by me to showcase the 3D animation effects on TV.

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